Battlefield 1 Download PC Free Full Version | BF1 Best PC Games 2018

Battlefield 1 Download | BF1 Best PC Games 2018

Battlefield 1 PC Game: Hi all gamers, we welcome all of you to our this new brand game article. In this new gaming post, we are going to provide you a link to download Battlefield 1 PC game. Battlefield 1 PC game is first-person shooting game which is available for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows devices. In this article, we share this best PC games only for Microsoft Windows PC user. So if you have PC with Windows OS then you can get Battlefield 1 Download PC free full version safe link from this article. And if you like to play PC shooting games then stay here because here we share this Battle field download link. So stay with us for free BF1 Download.

Battlefield 1 download PC game

Download BF1 PC Game

Battle field 1 game is free PC first-person shooting game which is developed under the name of EA DICE and presented by Electronic Arts. Here below we share Battlefield 1 review, Battlefield one gameplay, Battlefield 1 PC requirements with proper installation guide. So if you really want to get this all things from here then check out all the section carefully. So here we write this post for Battle field 1 download and also provide you many other things. So now let’s go for it.

About Battlefield 1 Game

  • Name: BattleField 1
  • Genre: First-Person PC Video Shooting Type Game
  • Battle One Developer: EA DICE
  • Battle field One Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows
  • Series: Battle Field
  • Battlefield 1 Released Date:

Battlefield 1 Review And Gameplay Section | Best PC Games Collection

In this section, we are going to give you gameplay and review of Battlefield 1 game. Battlefield 1 game is a first-person shooting video game. You can play this game in two modes such as multiplayer and singleplayer. Multiplayer mode of the battle field game support 64 players. Battle field 1 released date was 21 October 2016. This game has many positive reviews from its user and game has great visual effects. And also the sound effect is thrilling. A game is the emphasis on teamwork and gameplay is based on the historical event.

Battlefield 1 Review Best PC games

Here we only give you short gameplay to this battle field game. Here below we provide you an official treasure of battle field game. So check out below-given video treasure of battle filed game. Which shows you BF1 environment, graphics, sound effect, character, vehicles, weapons and many other things. So we suggest to check out this official video trailer for battle field game and then check out the features section of the BF1 game.

Battlefield 1 PC Game Video Trailer | Best PC Games

Form more reference visit Wikipedia Site. From this reference site, you got many other types of information about this Battlefield 1 PC game. Here you got many sections with a deep explanation such as deep introduction to the gameplay of Battlefield 1 game. So also visit this site for Battlefield 1 more information.

Features Of Battle Field 1 PC Game

In this post, we share BF1 PC game for only PC device so if you come here for BF1 PC download game then first take look at the below-given feature list of this best PC games.

BF1 Game Download free for PC

  • One of the Best PC Games of the year 2016.
  • Compatible and support most of all Windows platform.
  • Nice sounds and visual effects.
  • The game introduces some melee weapons such as sabers, shovels and trench club.
  • A player can use vehicles such as light, armored truck, cars, heavy tanks, torpedo boats, bi and tri plant aircraft, trains and airship etc.
  • Inspired by the real historical event.

PC Requirements To Install Battlefield 1 PC Game

Following section is for basic PC requirements and recommended PC requirements of Battle field 1 game. In this section, we provide you two list of BF1 PC requirements. One for Battlefield 1 minimum system requirements and another is for Battlefield 1 recommended System requirements. Your device requires the basic list compulsory in order to play BF1 PC game. So take a look at this both section of BF1 PC requiremtns list before a move to BF1 PC Download.

Basic PC Requirements For Battlefield 1 PC Game

The basic list of PC requirements provides you information about system requirements that your laptop or desktop must be required to install BF1 Game. Following are the minimum system requirements for Battlefield 1 PC game. So check out these requirements one by one.

  • Device_Operating_System: Microsoft Win 7
  • CPU/Processor:  AMD_FX_6350 / Intel i5_6600k
  • Device_Memory: 8 GB Minimum
  • Device_HDD_Space: 50 GB HDD Free Storage
  • Graphics_Card: NVIDI@ Ge_Force_GTX_660[2GB] / AMD_Radeon_HD_7850[2GB]
  • PC_Directx: V_11.0c
  • Other: Internet Connection with 512 KBPS Speed.

Recommended PC Requirements For Battlefield 1 PC Game

Following are the list of recommended PC requirements for Battlefield 1 PC game. So if your device has minimum requirements then you are eligible for this section. If your device has this following configuration then you can play Battlefield 1 PC game with great feelings. So go below and check out this list.

  • Device_Operating_System: Microsoft Win 8.1/10
  • CPU/Processor:  AMD_FX_8350 / Intel i7_4790
  • Device_RAM: 16GB
  • Device_HDD_Space: 50GB Free HDD Space
  • Graphics_Card: AMD Radeon_RX_480[4GB] / NVIDI@ Ge_Force GTX_1060[3GB]
  • PC_Directx_V: V_11.1
  • Other: Internet Connection with 512 KBPS Speed.

Download Battlefield 1 PC Game Free Full Version | Best PC Games

Now if you read the gameplay and already check out the video trailer for the game then you can go for Battlefield 1 download from this section.

Battlefield 1 Download free full version

Here we share this game in some parts so it becomes easy for anyone to download. So tap on the below link for Battlefield 1 PC download and check out the installation section for game installation information.


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Battle field 1 Installation Section

Now here we give you installation procedure for battle field game. In this article, we share this game with 7 parts. Game total size is 18.7 GB. Here we share this game in 7 parts each part of 3 GB. We share this game setup with compressed files. From above link, you get one safe text file which contains 7 links. So you need to download this all the 7 parts of the BF1 game. After you complete the download process of this all 7 parts follow the instruction points which is given below.

  • Fist download this all 7 compressed part of the game.
  • Now burn the image file disk.
  • After creating image file insert and go with a simple instruction to complete the BF 1 game installation process.
  • If you getting any problem in installation then ask us freely.
  • And if you like this game then share your Battlefield 1 review with us.
Final Lines For BattleField 1 Download [Best PC Games]

Finally, here we stop our writing of Battlefield 1 download article. From this best PC games article, you got a compressed file of this BF1 game. So download battle filed game free full version for your Windows PC. And you also got simple instruction on how to install guide. So if you like this best PC games platform then daily visit our website for more PC games. If you like this gaming post then share it with your group. Thank You.

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