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Call of Duty World War 2 Free Download

COD World War 2 Download: Hello friends today we are going to reveal the download link for most awaited first-person shooter pc video game. Call of Duty WW2 is developed under the supervision of the team  Sledgehammer Games and published by American video game publisher, Activision. This game is kind of first-person shooter pc video game. It is released worldwide for Microsoft Windows platform as well as the gaming console PS4 and Xbox 360 on Nov 3, 2017. Later in this article, we are going to provide very useful information of  Call Of Duty WW2 as well as installation instructions and links to download COD WW2.

After the release of Call of Duty World War 2, it has received many positive reviews from various experts. it also gets appreciation in its gameplay from different critics. Also praised for the great story written, visual graphics, well designed multiplayer mode etc. you can also download FIFA 18 Pc game full version.

call of duty ww2

Call of Duty WW2 PC game Overview

COD WW2 is the most waited game of the main Call of Duty series. This is action game which is set during World War II. It is mainly set in the European location. Call of Duty World War 2 is started at the time of real second war in the European theatre. Call of Duty WW2 is similar to its predecessor game of the main series but it eliminates to feature namely double jumping and wall running. Instead of these both features, it includes traditional movement feature. COD World War 2 also introduced new feature named as “hit-the-deck” mechanic. these features allow players to leap forward and throw himself to ground to get the quick recovery.see more information on reference site.

Call of Duty World War 2 PC Gameplay

Here the player has to play as a soldier and take part in historic war or fight. Gamer has to collaborate with other soldiers and to explore new location in the Call of Duty WW2 gameplay. The player can also use very dangerous and powerful weapons and air equipment to kill enemies. The player can play this game in 3 different modes named as:

  • Campaign
  • Multiplayer
  • Co-operative

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Campaign Mode

Call of Duty WW2 provides health regeneration which was not provided in the previous game of the main series. Healthpack is scattered throughout the gameplay. the player has to discover these scattered health pack to survive in the game. Other players in this mode try to find out the position of the enemies and help to provide certain secret information about the enemies.

Multiplayer mode

In this mode, gamers can play online multiplayer mode. While playing in this mode, players are randomly assigned any one side either to Allies or Axis. Once the player has assigned on Allies side, He has to play as soldiers in American, British, or French Resistance armies. Once the player is assigned on Axis side, he has to play as Germans soldiers. COD World War 2 provides 5 different divisions. Each of these modes has different weapons skill, combat skill etc, the player has to select any one division out of the five.

Co-Operative Mode

This game includes new zombies co-operative mode. It has set its own storyline based on alternate history which happened during second world war. In this mode, the player has to choose any one role out of four different roles. These four roles include Offense, Control, Medic, and Support. Each mode has different abilities.

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Call of Duty WW2 Official Trailer

Name:Call of Duty WW2
Developer:Sledgehammer Games
Genre:First-person shooter
Release Date:Nov 3, 2017
Size:63.7 GB/ Splits into 22 parts each of 3 GB

Call of Duty WW2 PC Game Features

Here we are going to list out some great and powerful features of Call of Duty WW2 free download pc game. The developer of this game has retained most powerful features of the predecessor game and added some extra features. Following are fabulous features of the first-person shooter video game COD WW2. you can self-experience these all features after the successful installing game in your system.

  • Great Historic location of the European country during second world war.
  • Includes 3 different game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-Operative.
  • Powerful air equipment and great weaponry.
  • Added new features hit-the-deck.
  • includes traditional movements features.
  • Play as a co-operative mode with other players.
  • multiplayer mode is also supported
  • Very nice and Awesome graphics.
  • Stunning visual effects.

call of duty ww2 pc

System Requirements: Call of Duty WW2

You can play Call of Duty WW2 Pc game flawlessly if it meets minimum requirements of the game with your current system. Below we have given both minimum as well as recommended requirements of the Call of Duty WW2 Free PC Game full version.Here below we have given minimum requirements for this Game. So before installing the game on your system, first compare your system specification with below giving minimum requirements. If it matches requirement then only install the game. If you want better playing experience then install the game in the system which meets the recommended requirement that is given below.

Call of Duty WW2 Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or any higher OS (Required 64-bit OS)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 3.3 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Minimum Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R7850
  • DirectX : 11.0 version
  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 90 GB available space

Call of Duty WW2 Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Required 64-bit OS)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or other AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 570
  • DirectX Version: 11
  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 90 GB available space

Call of Duty World War 2 Free PC Game Supported Languages

Call of Duty WW2 Supports following list of languages. you may install the game in any one language as per your wish.

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Polish

call of duty ww2 free dowload

How to install Call of Duty WW2 On Pc?

Check following instruction about how to install COD WW2 on Pc. here we have given exact steps for installing the game. if you have any query regarding the installation of the game then you may ask for comments.

  • First Of all Download Call of Duty World War 2 from download link which is given below.
  • Once it is completed, unrar game. (may use RAR extractor like WinRAR)
  • Burn or mount the image using ISO tool.
  • Install COD WW2 game.
  • copy the crack file in the installation game folder.
  • Start to play the game by the double-clicking game icon.
  • Enjoy the cool game.

call of duty ww2 free dowload

Download Call of Duty WW2 Free PC Game Free Full Version

Here we are going to provide links to download COD WW2. We have provided a Mega link to download the game. Here all link are fully compressed with Winrar. All download links are link is scanned and verified. so you can download without fear of the virus. After downloading process, install Call of Duty WW2 Free PC game as per above-given installation guide.This game is highly compressed and divided into 22 parts. so after downloading all parts just obey the steps which are given in above installation guide. If any problem arises while downloading or installing then you are free to ask in below comment box.

Mega Link:


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Final Content:

Here we share the most popular and amazing First-person shooter video game Call of Duty WW2. In this article, we have provided all required information as well as the installation guide and links for COD WW2 Free Download. In short, here we give all necessary things which require about this game from our side .if you have any type of suggestion or query then drop your comment in below comment box. If you like this the article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and also rate this game.If you want more other Desktop and the Android mobile game then subscribe to our website Free PC Games.

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